2016 Election News

Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton

Vice Presidential running mates. And partys or each canidate

For Donald Trump his Vice-Presidential running mate is Mike Pence, and for Hilary Clinton hers is Tim Kaine. Donald Trump is a republican and Hilary Clinton is democratic.

#Buildthatwall #Itistimeforachange

Donald Trump veiws

Donald Trump wants to make taxes simpler for everyone and simplify the tax code. His view on foreign policy is that he wants to build a wall separating the U.S and Mexico to stop letting illegal immigrants come into America. and also wants to ban all Muslims refugees for a small amount of time. Donald Trump wants the minimum wage to be 7.50$ an hour, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton disagree with Donald Trump minimum wage idea. Donald Trump lastly doesn't want the government making profit off of student loans, he believes the government should help students with loans instead of making profits off of student loans.

Hilary Clinton Veiws

Hilary wants to raise minimum wage. Hilary also wants wealthier families pay more taxes. Clinton wants every child in America to have a top of the line education, and also wants to have good training for teachers. Hilary Clinton does support some illegal immigrants but not all, she also wants to bring in more refugees from corrupt countries.