5th Grade News

DePaola, Lesher, Miracle, Sauls, Ward

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Please have your child bring in any library books they might still have in their possession.

Message from Mrs. Landversight regarding FIELD DAY...

If you turned in the green Field Day volunteer for working stations, you have been assigned to a Field Day game. We will not be calling to confirm, as there are quite a few parent volunteers (yay)! Please check at the front desk for your assignment when you arrive that morning. Thank you for your time and donations! Field Day would not be a success without your help!

Promotion Ceremony Attire

We would like to request that students wear nice dress clothes to the promotion ceremony on May 18th. Students will still be required to follow the dress code. If you need help with getting an outfit for your child please let your child's teacher know before the week of the promotion ceremony.

Upcoming Dates

5/15 - Field Day

5/17 - Wellness Wednesday

5/18 - 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony @ 12:30 in the gym.

5/19- Last Day of School/Report Cards Go Home

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No Vocabulary Words for this week!

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History Happenings

Literacy Land/Writing World

Math Minutes...

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Past Information


Check out the article published in the Lexington Herald Leader about BizTown, it features several of our students.


Check out the video made by the University of Kentucky that features our students at BizTown.


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Wellness Wednesday Dates for this year

May 17th

Whitaker YMCA After School Program

Sports, homework support, exposure to the arts, highlights of the YMCA After School Program - located at the Whitaker Family YMCA at Hamburg Place. Afternoon Bus Transportation provided by Fayette County Public Schools from Liberty Elementary to the Y.

Sign up for the 2016-2017 school year by contacting us at 859-367-7302 or 859-618-9725.

Live Broadcast Information

If you would like to view the broadcasts they will always be available by clicking this link: https://www.smore.com/qpgzy

If you have any problems accessing the video please email Mrs. Ward at kelly.ward@fayett.kyschools.us.

Thank you to Mr. King (Jonathan's grandfather) for the spectacular video of our trip to Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C.

We are so thankful that our Washington, D.C. trip was a success. The students had a wonderful time learning about our capitol and the amazing memorials, monuments and museums within it. Thank you to all of the parents who attended and chaperoned the trip. We couldn't have done it without your help!

Just To Keep You Informed...

Our schedule has changed a bit and we now have recess from 1:55-2:15 every afternoon.

Changes In Transportation Notes

If you have more than one child at ACE and there is a change in how your children will get home, please send in a note to each child's teacher. Thank you so much!

Important info from the Wellness Committee:

Here are two important reminders from Mrs. Henderson and the Wellness Committee.

1. Sugary drinks (canned sodas) are NOT allowed to be brought in lunch boxes. Water and fruit juice are allowed. Beginning September 1, we will be reminding children that sodas are no longer allowed to be consumed in the cafeteria. They will be allowed to purchase milk or juice here and we always provide free water. They will be asked to take unopened sodas home with them.

2. Parents, you MUST check with your child's homeroom teacher before bringing birthday treats into the cafeteria. We have already had days where some students had 2 or 3 desserts at lunch. If you do not coordinate with the child's teacher first, we may have to ask you to take your treats back home. We certainly do not want to do this but we also don't want to overload your students with sugar. Thanks so much for your help with these two important steps toward healthier scholars.

Weekly School and Home Writing Journal Entries

Writing Journal entries continue this week. Students are responsible for 2 journal entries each week, one school entry and one home entry. The students will receive a prompt or topic from their teacher on Monday morning and will be expected to use that prompt or topic for their school entry. Home entries are any topic of choice or whatever the student would like to write about. Journal entries are a great way for the students to practice correct writing techniques that they have already learned and are learning. Your child will be given a specific day of the week that their entry will be due and will be able to share that day with you so you are able to help make sure they are prepared.

-Focus...does the entry have a main idea and stay focused with vivid and descriptive details?

-Sentences...are the sentences varied in length and using an assortment of 5th grade level words?

-Punctuation...is there correct capitalization and punctuation throughout?

-Spelling...are words that a 5th grader should know spelled correctly? Has the child taken the time to think about the correct spelling by looking up a word or words?

-Format...is the page filled?

-Paragraphs...is it obvious where new paragraphs begin and others end?

-Transitions...are there transition words like (first, next, after that, meanwhile) used throughout to make the sentences and paragraphs flow?

5th Grade Grading Procedure

Fifth grade has chosen to put “weights” onto our grading scale. In other words, certain assignments/tests/quizzes will be worth more than others. Here is the breakdown of the scores for each subject:


Classwork – 20%

Homework – 20%

Writer’s Notebook – 20%

Quizzes/Tests – 40%

Total - 100%



Classwork - 20%

Homework - 20%

Vocabulary Quizzes - 20%

Tests - 40%

Total - 100%


Classwork - 20%

Homework - 20%

Quizzes - 20%

Tests - 40%

Total - 100%