Best Foot Foward Bulletin

Fair Park 4th Grade: Week 2


We are currently establishing routines and expectations for our Reader's Workshop. Students are also reviewing how to write a journal entry and summarizing text.

Spelling: Suffixes -er, -est

stronger, crazier, juicier, lazier, healthiest, luckiest, roughest, greasiest

Eureka Math (Mr. Sternig & Mrs. Riffel)

Students build the place value chart to 1 million and learn the relationship between each place value as 10 times the value of the place to the right. Students manipulate numbers to see this relationship, such as 30 hundreds composed as 3 thousands. They decompose numbers to see that 7 thousands is the same as 70 hundreds. As students build the place value chart into thousands and up to 1 million, the sequence of three digits is emphasized. They become familiar with the base thousand unit names up to 1 billion. Students fluently write numbers in multiple formats: as digits, in unit form, as words, and in expanded form up to 1 million.

Bridges Math (Mrs. Anderson)

Unit 1 begins the year with the study of multiplication and division, focusing on particular models, strategies, and multiplicative comparisons. Students use open number lines, arrays, and ratio tables to solve multiplication and division story problems.
Why is Math Different Now

Social Studies: Modern Government

In this unit, the focus will be on learning that people in Wisconsin must follow the laws of both the government of the United States and the state government of Wisconsin.

Essential Questions
1. Why do we have the form of government that we have?
2. How does the Constitution and the Bill of Rights affect me?
3. How do good citizens act?