Oklahoma Land Rush

By: Ashlee Bradley

Paragraph 1

In the Oklahoma Land Rush a bunch of people joined together race to get their land that they want. There were immigrants, freed slaves, but there was mostly poor people that wanted a new place to live and grow crops. The Land Rush was at the Oklahoma Territory in Oklahoma (if someone couldn't tell from the name of the Oklahoma Land Rush). To get land you got 160 acres for $10. But people had to stay at their land for 5 years, without dying, and it will become their own land. Which was called the Homestead act. People were allowed to settle west because that was where most of the wheat was grown and where most of all the things to survive was.

Paragraph 2

At the beginning of the race to get land people were fighting and loosing some of their stuff. Their stuff was flying off their horses and their wagons were breaking because how fast they were going. I interviewed a guy named Alex who was watching and he said, "it was very intense wagons were turned over and there were flags already put in the ground ahead of time. There was a lot of chaos and violence many people were killed and some even fought over land." Many people were riding horses and had wagons. There were only a few that were running but had little stuff with them. In my opinion it was a very crazy race.

Paragraph 3

After the race to get land I interviewed one of the people that got the best land in my opinion. Abby told me that she was one of the first people to get a horse and got the fastest and strongest horse that the person she bought from had. Abby noticed that there were some Sooners already on some of the lands but she knew they did not have the best land. She was very prepared she had enough food for her to last until she was able to eat some of her own crops. Abby also told me that she had some warmth for her and had some wheat seeds to plant. When she got to the land she had to fight over the land because Abby and a guy named Bob got there at the same time. When they got done fighting Abby had ended up killing him and putting her flag in the ground. As she went on she was there for 5 years and got the land to be hers forever. Abby grew wheat and made a grass shelter with a small chimney on the top to survive the winters that came, which was called a Sodbuster.