Effects, Consequences, and Uses

Physical Effects of Emotions

o Fatigue – An overwhelming feeling of exhaustion

o Loss of appetite – Results in a loss of weight

o Lowered libido – lowered or loss of interest in sex

o General pain – increase in pain and reaction to pain

o Sleeping problems – symptoms of insomnia

o Heart palpitations – increase in heart rate

o Sweating – an increase in sweating of the skin

o Constipation/diarrhea – an increase or decrease in bowel movements

Emotional Ineptitude

This comic shows a man with a very poor emotional response to the Betty's crying.
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Emotionally Tone Deaf

Phil is unable to listen to Cameron in a empathetic way, he is only concerned about his own feelings.
Modern Family - Egg Shell Dryer

Using Emotions Strategically

The boy uses emotions to get what he wants.
Big Daddy Scene 'Kangaroo Song"