Wanted: President

Job for president open!

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In order to get the job, you must be:

  • at least 35 years old
  • a citizen from birth
  • a resident for 14 years

Duties, roles, and responsibilities

With great power comes great responsibility, and being the president does have great power. For starters, there are multiples duties you must uphold. These duties include Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander-in-Chief, Legislative Leader, Head of State, Economic Leader, and Party Leader. Even though there are a numerous roles, it is imperative you maintain a satisfactory execution of them all.

  • Chief Executive: In charge of 15 cabinet departments and can create executive orders
  • Chief Diplomat: directs foreign policy and can create executive agreements
  • Commander-in-Chief: In charge of the armed forces and can order soldiers into battle
  • Legislative Leader: Must sign bills into law and has a legislative program available
  • Head of State: Upholds a ceremonial role, represents America at special occasions and ceremonies and acts as a living symbol of the U.S.
  • Economic Leader: Deals with several economic issues, including unemployment, inflation, and high taxes, and also plans the federal government's budget annually
  • Party Leader: Viewed as the leader of the political party the president is subscribed to and selects party's national chairsperson

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Compensation and benefits

There are many perks to exploit as president. Some even go as far to say it's the most powerful job in the world! Benefits that come with the job include an annual salary of $400,000, extra money for travel expenses, use of Camp David, a country resort, and a fleet of special cars, helicopters and airplanes. You also have the pleasure of leading your country in the direction you see fit (to an extent).
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Do you think you're up to the task? Apply now!
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