Avon Team News for Week of May 31

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Summer Time!

School is out for most of you! Summer is a busy time of time. Isn't great that you can take your Avon Business anywhere you go this season? Pack a few Avon books, samples and business cards! That is all your need to promote your business while you travel. Remember to share one and leave one. Sounds very simple. Well, it is. We just make this Avon Thing harder than it has too be. I have attached a few items below that you might be interested in. We will start back with our Team Conference Call - In on June 13 at 8:30 pm. Have a Happy Day! And remember to use that sun and bug protection! Best Wishes, Myra

Ideas to Promote Your Avon Business!

Avon Bombs!

Sample Packs. Bombitas.
How to Use the Bombitas Sample Packs

Avon Fundraising Idea to Put in Your Avon Book or Staple to a Business Card.

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Avon New Facial Cleansers Coming Soon!

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Leadership Corner

About Myra

Hey, I am Myra, a Sales Leader and Recruiter for Avon. I have been selling Avon Products for about 5 years. As of this writing, I have sold over $100,000 in retail sales in Avon Products. I am here to serve. Please contact me if I can be of help to you with your Avon Business. Have a Happy Day, Myra