Camp Greenlake

Build some character!

Holes by Louis Sachar

Imagine digging 5ft deep and wide holes to "build character" in the hot, scorching, blistering sun, in the middle of Texas? Or eating juicy peaches by a huge lake?
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Gotta love this amazing, outstanding lake!

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Stanleys Perspective of Camp Greenlake

Hi, I am Stanley Yelnats, and I am telling all about this wonderful place called Camp Greenlake. Hope you heard the sarcasm, as this place is NOT the best place you would want to be in. I came here because I apparently "stole" Clide Livingstons shoes from a homeless shelter... The scorching sun blazes down on you as you get blisters from digging 5 feet wide and 5 feet down holes from 4:30. Sounds fun, right? The food is even better. For breakfast we eat great luxury food such as odd slimy food I cannot even tell. There was a very interesting rec room with a broken TV, a couch, a pool table, and some other things that is all broken.
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Sam The Onion Man's Perspective of Greenlake in the past

Hi, I'm Sam the Onion Man! I love the town of Greenlake, the lake is so beautiful! I sell my wonderful onions to the whole town, best medicine for anything! My girlfriend, Kate Barlow makes the best peaches in the world! The farming here is great, I have my own onion farm over by the lake.
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Mr. Sirs Perspective on Camp Greenlake.

Ah, welcome! This wonderful Camp helps very naughty kids become a great man! Building character, as what I always say! At this camp, we strive for criminal juveniles to dig holes and get something out of the holes like jewe- ahem like character! I love eating sunflower seeds and drinking Coca Cola in my nice, air conditioned cabin! Beware of the yellow spotted lizards, they will kill you when you see them. There are rattlesnakes too, but don't mess with them and they don't mess with you.

So come on down to Camp Greenlake! Don't choose filthy jail, choose the one and only Camp Greenlake!

By Diego Cruz