ITunes vs. Google Play

Maksym Beiko

The PROS and the CONS


Google Play has more apps than the ITunes store. People that use iTunes mostly buy music and games. Google Play people mostly buy Books and Apps since there are a lot of apps that let you download music for free.

Faster! Our patience is running out!

Opening Google Play Store only takes 2 seconds. Opening up Apple Store takes about 6. It might not seem like a big difference but with time, it does get annoying.

Apple Store, Itunes, and Google Play

To be able to buy music and videos on an Apple device you need to go to ITunes. If you would like to purchase any kind of an app you need to go to the Apple Store. If you would like to purchase a game, music, books, videos/movies on an Android device all you have to do is go to Google Play, Select your category, and scroll through the list of items or you can press search to type the name of the app, author, or the name of the movie, etc.