AP Econ Summer Assignments

Summer learnin', having a blast! Summer learnin', happened so fast!

You SHOULD* prepare for AP Macroeconomics/AP Microeconomics this summer by:

1. Watching Crash Course Economics.

2. Listening to a few NPR Marketplace stories.

3. Reading Freakonomics or Naked Economics This last option will be tested for an optional grade.


Summarize it by writing down a thesis sentence for each chapter as well as bullets of several supporting details. You will take a test on the book the first week of school. This book is entertaining, introduces you to economic thinking, but will not prepare you for the AP exam and can be controversial.

Naked Economics--

This book covers material on the AP exam in an interesting (albeit not as entertaining as the above) fashion. If you have the first edition, email me for a different list of chapters.

Macro--Read Chapters 1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 12

Micro--Read Chapters 3, 4, 8, and 13

Summarize as above and test the first week of school.

Public libraries should have Freakonomics, as it has been a popular book. Naked Economics may be harder to find. Barnes and Noble has been contacted about both books, and they should have enough copies. There’s also always amazon.com. Please let me know by July 15th via email powella@rcschools.net if you are having trouble obtaining a copy, and I will assist you.

*The word "should" implies a recommendation. Please do not email me over the summer asking whether or not any of the above items are required. If they were required for the class, I would write the word "MUST."