Workplace Co-op

Module 1 assessment project

Ch.1: Your Attitude & Personality

Main Message: How you view yourself and how your co-workers do.

This is shown by talking about Self Esteem and how having low self esteem can hurt your performance and make others think you are not capable of doing the job

Ch.2: Goal Setting & Life Management

Main Message: The importance of setting goals and how being organized helps.

Throughout the chapter they talked about how setting goals within reason was necessary. They mentioned SMART goals to help achieve stuff in life such as paying of debt or starting a career. They also mentioned how some things are meant to be more important so those should get attention first then the other stuff after you finish the more important things in life.

Ch.3: Personal Financial Management

Main Message: Being able to spend less and create a budget

This chapter emphasized saving money and creating a plan to follow so you don't go into debt. They talked about paying off credit card bills in the fullest so that the interest doesn't make you pay more than you need to. Also so that you can build up your credit score to make getting a mortgage or loan easier. It also talked about ways to work your way out of debt such as having a set amount of money you are able to spend on a weekly basis and how to cut back on money wasters that you have in your everyday life.

Ch.4: Time & stress management

Main Message: How stress can be created and its impact on your job.

Throughout the chapter they talked about how you can have positive stress or negative stress. an example of positive stress would be paying for college because you are spending money right now and are having to worry about loan payments but when you get the job because you are better qualified you will have bettered your life and will be making enough money to pay of the loans and then some. A negative stress would be getting a speeding ticket because you will have to pay the fine plus your insurance will become more expensive which will lead to less spending money. having poor time management could lead to you losing your job because you are late to work or you can not meet the deadlines you were given which could cause more stress because you can't make a living anymore.

Relationship between the chapters

The relationship between all four chapters is pretty obvious. They all impact your life and how good of a life you are living. If you have a bad self esteem your personality could be poor. If you aren't making connections it could hurt your goal to work your way up in the company. If you are staying at the same level in your company it could be hard to have money that you can save up which would lead to going into debt. If you're in debt than chances are you are going to be stressed out which could impact your performance with your job and could really hurt your chances to make a better living.

Impact on my work

The information I learned will help me be a better worker because I will:

- Have a positive attitude towards my job and co-workers

- Set goals to achieve while I am working

- Create a plan to spend less and eliminate money wasters

- Use stress in a positive way to achieve stuff before deadlines