The Effects of Media

By: Noah Mojica

How Does Media Affect Our Lives?

Has anyone ever thought about how much time they actually spend using media? All those hours of mindless web and channel surfing could have been spent with friends and family or some kind of school or work related task instead. Media has started to become an especially concerning problem over the last decade, impacting both education and everyday lives of people everywhere.

According to a recent study, kids spend 7.5 hours on all types of media every day (almost a third of the entire day), and about 3.5 of those hours hours are spent on watching TV! Some may argue that the average school day is about 8 hours and is equally guilty of taking a noteworthy amount of time out of kids' days. In response, others have said that school is educational as apposed to social media which is purely entertainment. Using social media during school hours is even worse, as it impacts what the students are learning directly by distracting them from their current tasks. In most schools, social media is prohibited entirely to make sure the students obtain the required material without any distractions from the outside world.

To sum it all up, social media has a huge impact on the lives of almost everyone, especially those trying to receive an education. It is widely agreed upon that students who are actively on media during school tend to have lower grades and make more spelling errors than those who have their devices off. Rather than ban devices as a whole though, they should be implemented into the curriculum to not only give teachers a new way to interact with their students, but to have their classes collaborate with others. In the end, media may not be able to be overcome, but it may be used to help students learn in new ways never before possible.