all about jupiter

by mohammed abbasher

jupiter's physical properties

  • jupiter has a mass of 1,898,000,000,000,000,000,000, kg
  • jupiter has a greater mass than all the properties in the solar system combined
  • the planet mostly consits of hydrogen and helium
  • jupiter is mostly made up of liquid and gas
  • jupiter has a red swirly called the great red in!it they call it the great red
  • the planet has 16 moons that measures 6 miles
  • The core of Jupiter is made up of ice and rock Has a metallic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen

jupiter's charectereztics

  • jupiter has a really big size
  • jupiter is called the king of planets
  • its about 1,320 earths could fit inside of it
  • The planet is named after the king of gods in roman mythology
  • Jupiter is ranked the biggest in the night sky

Some pictures

Location of jupiter

Where Jupiter

  • Jupiter is the biggest planet on the solar system
  • It is 588 million kl from earth
  • Jupiter is in the center of all the planets


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