Purpose = To Inform

Non-Fiction Book


Musser, Susan. Abortion. N.p.: Greenhaven Pr, 12/03/2010. Print.
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The author of the book "Abortion" is Susan Musser, she is known as an editor of young adult books and is a published author and worked with other editors before. I believe that this author wrote this book to inform readers about the causes and effects about abortion. She also talks about why women choose abortion and the reasons are explained into details.


World Book Student | Abortion

O'Brien, David M. "World Book Student | Abortion." World Book Student | Abortion. N.p., 2015. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.

This article informs about what is abortion, methods and arguments about this topic. It was published in 2015 with no given information about which month it was published. This article is important because not only does it informs us about what it is but what people say and take actions about abortion. The author's purpose is most likely to inform but a bit of persuasion.

Database Article

"Abortion Bans with Exceptions for Rape Are Hypocritical."

Carmon, Irin. "Abortion Bans with Exceptions for Rape Are Hypocritical." Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, 2013. Web. 1 Dec. 2015.

I choose this article because it had two different arguments. One of the argument was about how women shouldn't choose abortion because it's murder. The other article talks about that women are raped and have a certain situation that they are in that would be difficult to raise a baby. The author is Irin Carmon and it was published in 2013, wasn't that long ago but women still get raped till today. The reason why it’s important to my topic is because both arguments are important to a certain situation that a person is going through and gave me a new perspective of each argument.

My Search Strategy

I found this article by going to the Gale Opposing Viewpoints website and browsed the issues and found the topic Abortion on the very top. After that I clicked on Featured Viewpoints and found the article that was the most interesting and made me look at the topic differently.

"The Women's View"

Enda, Jodi. "The Women's View." American Prospect Vol. 16, No. 4 April 2005: 22-27DB - SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 1 Dec. 2015
I found this article credible because it's well detailed about someone's shared situation including arguments, thoughts about abortion and what should be done. I would trust this website because it's linked to the student resources website that we are allowed to us for research. Not only does it tell us a interesting story but it mentions parts of the story that makes people understand how difficult it is to choose whether to choose abortion or not.