Empire Today!

By Mary Alex Lieblong

The Great Outdoors

Physical Geography of Rome

Go farther than the agora and take a hike, my friend! Try the Apennine Mountains, they run along the length of the Italian peninsula (about 850 miles long). The Tiber river runs through them in central Italy.

Plebeians and Patricians

I am a Patrician and I am actually against the Plebeians not having a say in the Roman Government. If they are part of the Roman Empire they should have the ability to choose, vote for different decisions, government officials, and choices for the empire they live in it.

Julius Caesar

That Civil War that happened? It's all because of the devestating death of our notable general, friend, soon-to-be salad-title, and one to play a critical stance in the rise of our empire, Gaius Julius Caesar. Born 100 BC and tragically murdered in March 44 BC. All though when he was too powerful and the Senate tried to limit his power the trust of his troops when he served as a general was very strong. RIP.

Choose Right, Choose Leicht!

Adam Leicht, your friendly neighborhood candidate, needs YOUR vote! Adam is going to dedicate his entire lifetime to making Rome more of a home by keeping your crazy city finances under control and choosing what is right for your government.


your vote = his respect

Major Accomplishment!

Rome has many notable creations that helped advance the Empire but one of the most significant was the accomplishment of roads. Throughout the normal courses people would take to travel, roads being added help the economy, military, and any type of merchants wanting to trade. The landforms that the empire covered were hard enough to travel across but with roads everyone could travel easier and possibly faster.

Pax Romana // INTERVIEW

Interviewer/Me: As hard as it is to maintain the empire already, did you think that the Pax Romana made it the easiest to keep in place?

Augustus/Emperor: Most definitely.

I/M:How so?

A/E: The empire is almost too large to control so if keeping it peaceful throughout could keep it safe and possibly give time to improve for times that invaders come.

I/M: What are some important things you have managed to add or make better?

A/E: Some things I have done was changing some taxes and laws, starting many building projects, and creating provinces with governors.

A Current Building Project...


One monument in Rome is the Colosseum. The Colosseum is an Amphitheatre and is considered to be one of the greatest works of architecture and engineering. Though the average number of spectators is 65,000 it can contain an amount of 50,000 to 80,000 so at least 10. This monument played an important role in performances for Rome's entertainment.

Visit Egypt

The Roman empire can be quite chaotic so some people choose a trip! Try Egypt. Egypt has things from temples, pyramids, and hieroglyphics everywhere. Enjoy warm weather and enormous sand dunes.


Christianity in Rome is banned. Why is it that something you believe in is ended? Don't let it end and accept and spread Christ. More and more people are being persecuted fro what they believe. Am I saying we should riot for our beliefs? No, but spread Christianity and do what is RIGHT for your beliefs.


Barbarians are invading and the Empire is weak. The Goths, Huns, Vandals, Anglo-Saxons, and Franks are on a rise. If the empire gains strength for a current fight we can keep the invaders away and the empire remaining peaceful. As much land as the empire consists of invaders taking it can be a negative effect for it.