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Modification of “Use of Face Mask” Protocol:
The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently released new guidance strongly endorsing the use of face masks as a proven and effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for children two years of age and older. After carefully reviewing this guidance, we have made several modifications to our “Use of Face Mask” protocol that we believe will strengthen our ability to create a safe learning environment for students and staff.

  • All staff and students (grades PK-12) must wear face masks on buses, in hallways, and in common areas. Students will wear a face mask when entering and/or exiting the gym, playground, or activity space and when not actively engaged in physical activity. Additionally, all staff and students (grades PK-12) will be required to wear face masks in the classroom when social distancing is not feasible and/or the teacher’s method for delivery of instruction warrants the use of face masks. All visitors (including parents, contractors, and vendors) will also wear face masks. Face masks will be provided for staff and students if needed.

  • Face masks are defined to include non-medical and medical grade disposable face masks and cloth face cover­ings (over the nose and mouth) that meet the same protection standards as non-medical grade face masks. Additionally, face masks with exhalation valves (vents that allow air to be exhaled through a hole in the material) may only be worn in combination with full-face shields.

  • Limited exceptions to these rules will only be made for eating, drinking, therapy, or a medical condition or disability that prevents a person from wearing a face mask. Full-face clear shields as an accommodation may be used in place of a mask to protect eyes, nose, and mouth whenever a face mask is not feasible due to a medical condition or whenever the education context may benefit from the ability to see an individual’s full face.

  • Students seeking an exemption from these rules for a medical condition or disability may do so in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Staff seeking an exemption from these rules for a medical condition or disability may do so in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Written documentation from a medical provider will be required.

  • Face masks must meet the Student Code of Conduct and dress code requirements.

CFISD Connect

CFISD Connect is CFISD's new remote learning option available to all students during the school year.

Bell Schedules

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A Message From the PBIS Team


Positive Behavior Instruction & Supports

Dear Parents,

Our school is participating in an important district initiative. It is called Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS).

What is PBIS?

It’s made up of systems, data, and practices all to help schools be more effective learning environments. It’s a way that makes school more predictable, consistent, and positive for all the students and staff.

A key point of PBIS is to support students socially and behaviorally to set them up for success. It encourages students to follow expected behavior by rewarding good behavior seen all while correcting the problem behaviors in a positive way.

What are the outcomes of PBIS?

Decreases distributive behavior & referral while increasing academics & academic achievement. It creates a safe & positive environment for students to learn.

How will Kahla execute this PBIS?

To keep students on the rules in a positive manner, we do the following when teaching academics and behavior:

  • Constantly teach and refer to our school-wide expectations.
  • Provide students with more praise than correction.
  • Talk to students with respect using positive voice tone.
  • Actively engage everyone in the class during instruction.
  • Use pre-correcting, prompting, and redirecting as we teach.
  • Look for the positive first and provide positive, immediate, frequent, and explicit feedback.

Alexandra Meyer

6th Grade Math & PBIS Chairmen

Bradley Acree

Choir Director & PBIS Chairmen

Kahla’s Behavior Expectation Matrix

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2020-2021 School Supply List

Kahla Middle School

  • Currently, for 2020-2021 school year, lunch visitors and lunch drop offs will not be allowed.

Water Bottle Filling Stations

The district will be installing 4 water bottle stations at Kahla.

The standard drinking fountains will be turned off so students will need to bring a water bottle from home each day. Water bottles must be taken home daily for washing. We ask that these be filled before coming to school to avoid a crowd of students needing to fill them first thing in the morning.

Water Bottle Guidelines:

  • No larger than 24 oz.
  • Transparent (only water allowed in them during the day)
  • Must be a plastic bottle that is completely sealed
  • Clear with no color


Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) which allows learning to go beyond the walls of the campus and classroom. It allows teachers to connect with their students and parents. CFISD Schoology is a student’s virtual classroom.


CFISD Schoology is an online platform that will be utilized in the classroom, in the home and ANYWHERE else a device can get an internet connection.

See Schoology In-Action - Preview Schoology Features

Remote Learning Etiquette Expectations

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Kahla Clinic


  • Please be sure to make an appointment to drop off medication for your student by calling Nurse Ryals at 281-345-3259.

  • Cloth masks should be washed daily.

See CDC recommendations for washing masks.

  • Compliance with Texas Health and Safety Code requirements for vision, hearing, and spinal screenings is required for the 2020-2021 school year. Schools should follow these guidelines for students to obtain vision, hearing and spinal screenings that are receiving in person or online instructions.


  • Action plans signed by a healthcare professional are required for all emergency medications. Click Here for forms.

  • 7th graders must be up-to-date on all immunizations before September 8th to attend school.

  • Immunizations can be faxed to the clinic at 281-345-3399 or emailed to

Nutrition Services

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School Cafe

Create and/or login to your child's school cafe account.

Counselor Corner

Meet our Kahla counselor department!

Connect with Kahla Middle School

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Home Access Center

Home Access Center allows access to a student's various information, including schedule, assignments, scores and attendance.


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