Mrs. Platz's Class Newsletter

April 29, 2016

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Looking Ahead

  • Mon. 5.2.16 100+ Book Club Challenge Ends Today!
  • Tues. 5.3.16 Bank Day
  • Wed. 5.4.16 PLC - Early Release

Your First Grader Has Been Working On...

  • reading and writing words with suffix "ly" like in slowly and quickly.
  • reading and writing words with silent ghost letters like "gn", "wr", "mb", and "kn" like in gnaw, write, lamb, and know.
  • learning about the life cycle of chicks and butterflies.
  • determining if shapes are divided into equal shares.
  • dividing shapes into 2 and 4 equal shares and use words to describe those shares.
  • learning about our Star of the Week, Michael.
  • district benchmark assessments.

Data Notebooks

If you have not had your child return their notebooks, please do so ASAP. We will be adding to these in the next week. Thank you!

Life Cycles, Eggs, and Caterpillars, Oh My!

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Ask your child about what happened when we took the chrysalides out of the cup! It was quite fascinating!
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Our class has been very protective of our eggs! We are hoping to have some pips beginning by the end of next week. We are so excited!

Mrs. Platz

Have a Great Weekend!

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