Cheyenne Nguyen

Pride and Prejudice Project


Modernization of the ball

Elizabeth: Girls, I cannot believe we are dateless to prom! What are we going to do?!

Jane: Ugh, I have no idea…

Kitty: We can go as each others dates until we find one….

Lydia: Yeah, I guess we can do that!

A new boy moves into town and he is the hottest boy in town. Elizabeth meets him in one of her classes and they seem into each other

Bingley:Hey Elizabeth… I was wondering if you would want to go to prom with me…?

Elizabeth: omg! yeah, totally!

Bingley: Okay, sweet. I’ll pick you up at 8.

Elizabeth: Okay!

Elizabeth comes home from school and tells her friends about what happened and they are all excited for her

The girls arrive at prom and are introduced to Bingley, every girl at prom is drooling over him but his attention is only on Elizabeth. Bingley brings his friend Darcy along. Darcy is super cute and all the girls love him.

Bingley: Darcy, why aren’t you dancing with anyone?

Darcy: ummmm there is no one cute enough for me here…

Bingley: Why don’t you dance with Elizabeth? She is so hot

Darcy: She’s okay I guess...but i’m not going to dance with her….

Bingley: Well okay then…… I think it’s time to go because I’m getting bored

Darcy: Alright bro, let’s go

Everyone leaves prom, but all Bingley can think about is Elizabeth.

Argue Against Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is not worth the English IV student’s time. Not very many can understand the language and especially since we had to read it on our own it was even harder. The type of language that was used in this book was weird and hard to interpret. Some students could understand, but it took a lot of time and effort.

It does teach a few things, but nothing that we couldn’t have learned without reading this book. It had good historical information and it was a good time period. The plot was somewhat interesting and the characters were good. It did show us how English has evolved, but there are other books that teach us how life and literature has changed over time.

An alternative book that would’ve taught us the same skills would be The Great Gatsby. This book has love stories and a similar plot with how Gatsby was new in town and a love story.

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Bingley confesses his love for Jane, but Jane tells him that she does not love him anymore like she did a year ago.