Resources that ROAR

Parent-Teacher Conference Edition

Weekly Resources

Each week you will receive issue of news resources to utilize in your classroom. If you would like to recommend a resource, send an email to All issues will be archived in the NHS PD Edmodo group.

World Class Shout-Outs

A shout-out goes to Ms. Evans-Headley for doing a great job with the students in the ESOL department. Students are being serviced and getting the information they may have missed in previous years!

Ms. Gantt gives a shout out to Ms. Ippolito for organizing a world class field trip for her classes to meet an Italian astronaut that has flown on many missions on the Endeavor and to the Space Station. When Col. Vittori asked for questions, Ms. Ippolito's students were the only ones who asked their questions in Italian!

Ms. Mignon would like to give a shout out to Ms. Ward. Selena is brand new this year and I have yet to see her not offer to help someone, bring a smile to a situation, and generally "fit right in"; it is a pleasure to have an addition like Ms. Ward to our staff.

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