What's Happening in the KidZone?

Friday, September 19, 2016

Kid Groups Begin THIS Sunday @ 9:45a!

2 More Days! 2 More Days! 2 More Days!

We are so looking forward to welcoming your kiddos back on Sunday!

Where shall we go?

Preschool (ages 3-5) ~ Room 310 (off the sanctuary) ~ Miss Diana, Miss Ginny, & Miss Meg

K/1 ~ Room 403 (Learning Center) ~ Mrs. Mason, Miss Maya, Miss Abby

2/3 ~ Room 410 (Learning Center) ~ Mrs. Pemberton, Miss Anna

4 ~ Room 322 (Hallway between Fellowship Hall & Gym) ~ Mr. Kerr, Miss Grace

5 ~ Room 314 (off of Fellowship Hall) ~ Mrs. Stuck, Miss Kelly, Mr. Jacob

What will happen?

The first two weeks are designed to be team building for all of our small groups. We will learn names, have fun, and enjoy each other! In October, we will begin our curriculum. Preschoolers will be learning about how God is perfect through the story of Moses. K-5 kiddos will be learning about courage through stories of Moses and Joshua!

Can I invite a friend?

Please do!! We have a new Hospitality Team that will stationed at the KidZone Logo. If you bring a friend or see someone you think needs help, you can send them to the KidZone Logo to get registered for Kid Groups!

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You are Invited to Back to Kid Groups Family Event!

We want to partner with you, have fun, share what will be happening in KidZone, and invite you to get involved!

September 25 from 3:00-5:00pm

Detweiller Park - Pine Shelter House

Be on the lookout for the hand-colored postcards this Sunday!

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September 18 ~ Kid Groups Kick Off!

September 25 ~ Back to Kid Groups Family Event ~ Detweiller Park ~ 3-5p

October 12 ~ Kid Group Olympics Family Event ~ 6-7:30p

November 18: Bedtime Blessing ~ 6:30-7:30p

Northminster KidZone

We are a team of adults and youth who love Jesus and can't wait to share his love with your kids and your family! We know that our time is limited to 40+ hours a year with the kiddos, but, as parents, your time with your kids is over 3000 hours/year. You have the most significant influence as parents! We want to partner with you, so our kids can see Jesus in the everyday stuff, not just on Sundays!