The Living Casualty, Or a Survivor?

Luis Barrios

The Effects of War

During war, there are a certain number of ways soldiers will likely end up being as. These soldiers could come back home, and become worshiped as a war hero, or they either never come back, and die as legends. As romanticized as war is, there is another set of soldiers that do not receive any glory, but shamefully becomes shunned as outcasts because of their deformed appearances (Maketheconnection).

Sadly enough, soldiers already have to endure physical injuries from hearing and vision loss to traumatic brain injury, and to cope with their injuries they usually handle it in a variety of ways like having angry tantrums towards life's unfairness, or adapting to new activities in a new-founded appreciation, or even just end up isolating themselves from society and family altogether (Maketheconnection). It eventually ends up being a problem they have to confront to either win or lose, and there are a few ways to aid our fellow war veterans though such as looking out for triggers to deal with the issue early enough to hinder its progression like making them interact with family to feel sane. To feel human. Do not make them feel alienated. (Maketheconnection). If you want to be reactive then you could reintroduce God into their lives.Just make them believe in a good in the world (Maketheconnection).

Bruised Morality

Feeling war's destruction just does not have to be physical, it is also mental. PTSD is what haunts war veterans as a mental injury. Injury comes in all different forms and sizes. Moral injury has been defined as failing to follow right from wrong moral expectations (Maguen). More in depth though this is usually done by guilt-or shame based emotion from feeling like you did not do well enough as opposed to fear-based.

Amputee Action

Women have grown in the military throughout recent years, but that does not make them invulnerable from danger. Soldiers that become hurt from an injury that ends up resulting in amputating their limbs--things change. (Rivera). Majority of female soldiers suffer from both mental and physical injury like musculoskeletal conditions and mental dysfunction (Rivera).