Release of Two New Games

Both for Free

Turtle Run And Heart Drops

Free Game Launch

Tuesday, April 23rd, 8:15-9:30pm

This is an online event.

Available For Download in a week!

Both Games will be available for download on the 24th of April.

Game One- Heart Drops

Name: Heart Drops

Aim of the Game: To get as many coins as possible.

How To Play: The game will start as the main character being a balloon. Steer the balloon as it drops little black hearts. After 30 seconds, the ballon will then turn into a motorbike. Steer the motorbike to pick up the hearts.

Rating: 2-7 does not include anything inappropriate.

Game Two: Turtle Run

Name: Turtle Run

Aim of the Game: To get to the black and white island.

How to play: Press the space bar to shoot, aim at the blue spudniks. Once you have reached 10 points (one per spudnik) you will go to the island.

Lives: 2

Rating: 8+ contains some violence such as shooting and explosions.

Are the games worth downloading?

Yes, they are. Because they're free, and barely take up any room, these games are worth downloading.

Free. Downloadable. Fun.