Cancer Council

Help Defeat Cancer

How does the Charity help?

The cancer council in New South Wales is a charity to recover from cancer. Cancer council are devolping new treatments, cures for their patients from cancer.

What is their latest project?

The latest project is a fundraiser which is called Corporate Partnership. It is an organisation that supports people with cancer, it is an organisation that transports all around Australia. They also have supporting groups and activities which is a part of the fundraiser.

4 Interesting Facts

1. The major volunteers are dedicated to working and giving up to $20, 000 or even more in support.

2. In 2012, the Cancer Council in NSW had funded about 15 million dollars in the cancer research.

3.The cancer council investment in research makes them the largest finical supporters.

4. Did you know that you can reduce the risk by having a diet, exercising, less smoking and slowing down on wine.