The Venice Sun Times

Life and Events--april 17,1950

Man Gone Missing from Carnival!

A man named Fortunado has gone missing. People have been looking for Fortunado ever sense that night.People we are know starting the investigation.if anyone has any info on the disappearance of Fortunado.We will give the information when we get it.

Bones Found!

Bones have been found! they were found behind a poorly built brick wall there was a chains around the skeletons waste. could this be Fortunado?the bones look old.The investigators say that the chains around the bones where used for torture.

suspect found.

We have found a suspect. The mans name is Montresor,people seen him leaveing the party with Fortunado. People have also said that the two didnt get along. Could we have found the person who killed Fortunado?

a cask of amontillado in the room of the bones!

We have found a Cask of amontillado has been found in the room of the bones we have found.The Police have told us that they think the wine is years old and is about as old as the bones. They also found a glass that may have been drank from Fortunado the day of his death.

The search is over...

The police have told us that do not have enough proof of the death. They also say that they belive they have found the last of the evedence. Thanks to all who gave information for the murder.if you find out more go to your local Nobel and tell them so.

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Auther:Andrew Donovan

i wrote this story because i wanted revenge. I had a lot of people who think i'm weird. And most of all people who hate me. I hated the 10 times back. So i wrote this story to scare my enemies. And it worked, The man wont even look at me. This also made my other enemies afraid to say anything to me.I also wanted them to know what im capable of.I advise you not to be my enemy..if you do choose so...YOU...will turn out just like poor...poor Fortunado... sincerely:Andrew.

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