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What's up in our class?

Our class wrote a letter to Mother Nature a few weeks back asking for better weather. I think she finally received the letters.

As you all know May is a busy month for your child at school. We have lots of "things" happening over the next three weeks. You can veiw the calendar by clicking on the link below.

In science students have been exploring electricity and magnetism. Students created a simple circuit and also built a light bulb with a switch. We also spent time exploring static electricity. Most recently we explored magnets and how they change the way that we live. Students continue to work on their state projects in social studies. Be on the lookout for an invitation to view their state projects in the next week or so. We are also in the beginning stages of planning a Living Museum. Students wrote a biography on their person of choice. They are in the process of making an animated biography with iMovie. The end project will be our Living Museum. Students are looking forward to showcasing their acting talents. Students just finished up exploring decimals and how they relate to the world in which we live. Towards the end of the year we will focus on probability as well as putting everything that we have learned this year to build a house.

In reading we have been reading a book called Lemonade Wars. Students have been able to make lots of self-to-text connections while reading this book. Your child should have came home with a calendar today! Hopefully this helps keep you up-to-date on what is happening. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Our class would like to invite you and your families to come see us at school on May 17 and May 22.

On Friday, May 17, our class is hosting a living museum. Students will come to life and dress as their character in a fun filled day of American History. Please invite anybody that might be interested. The museum will be fun for all ages. Students can bring any costume materials that they might have starting Monday.

On Wednesday, May 22, our class will be showcasing our State Projects. Students have worked extremely hard on their posters and look forward to showcasing their talents and knowledge.