Malaysia contains 20% of the worlds animal population!

Malaysia- An Overview

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia right under Thailand. It consists of two parts, the lower peninsula and the Northern part of the island Borneo. It has a tropical climate, which means it is hot and humid pretty much year round. The annual rainfall is about 2500mm. The rainy season is between November and February.

How To Fit In

Language, Folkways, Taboos, and Values

The three major languages that are spoken in Malaysia are (in order) Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese. A few of the norms that exist in Malaysia are; few people marry outside of their ethnicity, people have a family centered view, there is non-verbal communications, and they don't shake hands with the opposite gender. A few of the taboos of Malaysia include not wrapping gifts in funeral colors and never giving alcohol as a gift. The main values of the Malaysian people include family as stated earlier and religion.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

Subcultures, Cultural Landscape, Cultural Diffusion, and Cultural Change

There are a lot of subcultures in Malaysia due to three different groups. There are the native Malaysians, the Chinese and the Indians. About 50.4% of the population is native Malay, 23.7% is Chinese and 7.1% are Indian. An example of a cultural landscape is the national mosque (pictured above). An example of cultural diffusion is how the Chinese and Indian peoples started to migrate into Malaysia. They introduced tons of new cuisines and architecture to the Malaysian culture. An example of cultural change is how industrialized Malaysia has become due to the insurgence of Chinese and Indian technology flooding in from the two countries. Since then it has become a leading exporter and has become more industrialized.


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