VCR Lesson 4

Sam Claypoole

Fill in the Blank???

The ________ of the British Empire was finally complete when they gave up their influence over Hong Kong; they were no longer a colonial power.


1. Death, or the end of the existence or operation of something

2. conveyance or transfer of estate (particularly after a death)

3. transfer of sovereignty, as by a death or deposition


(n.) demise, demisability, nondemise

(adj.) demisable, demised

Verb Form!

Demised, Demising

1. to lease (an estate) by request

2. to transfer sovereignty

3. to pass by bequest

Original Use

Anglo-Norman legal term for the transfer of an estate, especially by lease. Implied that the lease was for quiet enjoyment.


From "Demise of the Crown," which was used in English Common Law to mean immediate transfer of the crown.


missi--to send

de--away from









Which bold word is used wrong in the sentence?

A) As I watched my sister's back--broad-shouldered, straight--as she walked into certain demise, I could only feel pride at her willingness to sacrifice herself.
B) With the Queen's demise of the country to her son at her death, the people began to worry for their future under a potentially mad new king.
C) I was very sorry to hear about her untimely demise at the hands of the cannibals, but sometimes we must accept the natural flow of life and death.
D) My mother clung to her mother's state, not even giving it to any of us children at her death, demising it.