The Wrinkle OUT of time

The real truth.....

Symbolism - Your brain is being to CONTROLLING

The darkness symbolizes evil. IT the giant brain controls everyones brains on Camazotz. IT is evil and hates good. "Like and equal are not the same at all!" (pg. 177) -Meg. IT wants everyone to be the same, but on earth everyone is different in their own way. Meg, Calvin, and her dad must fight IT. Will they defeat IT?

Setting - Why do we have to tesser

A wrinkle in time mainly takes place in the fifth dimension planet Camazotz.

Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin go on the hunt to find their father to save him and bring him home. Will they find him? "Hhee iss beehindd thee ddarrkness, sso thatt eevenn wee cannott seee hhimm" - Mrs. Which. The darkness on Camazotz is so powerful that any person that has a mind of their own, IT will take their thoughts so the person is equal with everyone else.

A Wrinkle in Time Movie Trailer

Character Anaylisis meg! Meg! MEG!

The character I will be talking about today is Meg Murry. She is a scared, worried, and a self conscious girl in the beginning of the story. When she finds her real self she believes that she is a brave, independent, and creative. "Maybe if I weren't so repulsive-looking-maybe if I were pretty like you-" (pg. 18) -Meg. Meg thinks she looks ugly and she wishes she was pretty like her mom.

Charles Wallace

Five year old boy, love to help, kind, courageous, and fun to be with. Note: Evil sometimes
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