By:'Ryan B, Kavita P.

Manipulator-Witch from Hansel and Gretel

The character of the witch in Hansel and Gretel is a lady who lives in a candy house with no good redeeming qualities about herself. She lures people in with a nice house, and then kills them coldheartedly. She will do things that lure kids in like use endearing terms that will make her seem like a nice woman, or give people things from her house like lollipops.

She is a manipulator because she lures people in with her candy house, and acts nicely towards them. She then proceeds to try to kill them, but fails due to the children outwitting her. She will try to act as a nice woman when she is truly not. She manipulates people into doing things that she wants them to do. She will trick them into doing whatever she might want them to do.

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The evil witch- Little Mermaid

The evil witch is trying to make the prince fall in love with her in order to get revenge on the king who's daughter is princess Ariel. She thinks that she has been wronged by the king, and is trying to get revenge on him in any way she can. She tricks the prince into thinking that she is this beautiful woman.

Ursula, the evil sea witch, is a masquerader because she transformed herself into a beautiful woman named Vanessa to make prince Eric fall in love with her. Her intentions were for Ariel not to kiss the prince (as a part of the deal she made with Ursula to have legs) and imprison her in exchange for Tritons power. As she transforms herself, she uses Ariel's beautiful voice to lure the prince as well and ultimately destroy Ariel's hopes of being on land and with the prince.

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Mistreated/Misunderstood Villain- Malifacent from Malifacent

Maleficant is a pure-hearted creature who lives an idyllic life style with her fellow creatures. She is a significant part of the forest kingdom and soon becomes a ruthless protector when a nearby invading army intervenes. Although placed to be the heart of the kingdom, she becomes rotten with revenge and seeks to destroy the one who deceived her.

Maleficant is a mistreated/ misunderstood villain because she was betrayed by her love, king Stephan. Both fell in love through time, but Kings Stephan's eagerness to rule the kingdom replaced his heart. His greed caused him to act upon betrayal; cutting of her wings, and making her powerless against his kingdom. Her place in misery sent her to cruel revenge, as she cursed his daughter with death. (Later, Maleficant understands her crime and did everything she could to save the innocent princess who she loved as her own.)

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