Relationship Between Canada and US

By: Kaylee Taylor

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Political- laws and goverment, rules, war

One big difference between the way the US and Canada run their countries is that the US is a democracy and Canada is a monarchy. Canada and the US share the biggest border in the world. They rely on each other for trade, and they work together as a role model to the world. They both have very different political backgrounds such as the wars they have been in and the way that their country is in general. Canada usually stays out of all the wars while the US always finds their way into them.

social- population, culture, migration

Between the US and Canada there is lots of ethnicities due to the many places where the people have migrated from. For example in the US there are lots of Hispanic population due to the people moving from Mexico to start a better life. Canada has lots of Asian population due to migration through Russia over the Bering Strait. The US has a greater population than Canada. The US has 9.2 times more people than Canada. Another thing that makes the US and Canada different when it comes to the culture is when you come into the US it is like the melting pot and they want you to become one. When you come to Canada they want you to keep your culture/religion/language/individuality. Most people in Canada live on the US border to Canada because of the cold weather conditions in the North. Most people in the US live on the East coast because that is where everyone lived when they first migrated here.

economic- natural resources, trade

Canada is currently one of the US's biggest trading partners. The U.S. imports more than we export leaving the US with a negative trading balance. Even though this is a negative factor, the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. When it comes to resources in the US and Canada, put together they have the biggest fresh water resource in the world. Also, given Canada's size it has an advantage over the US and has many natural resources such as hydro power, oil and natural gas while the US has the largest coal reserves in the world.