Shakespeare's Famous Quotes

"More matter, with less art"

My Quote

In Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", many famous quotes come from this play. One of with is in Act 2, Scene 2, line 95, "More matter, with less art". Gertrude says this to Polonius when discussing her son. Polonius comes into the Palace room before dinner, to talk to Gertrude about her son and how he thinks that Hamlet is crazy. With disbelief in what Polonius has to say about her son, she tells Polonius "More matter, with less art." Meaning that he needs to get to his point because what he is saying is untrue. The tone of disbelieving is shown in this conversation with Gertrude and Polonius. Gertrude does not want to hear what is being said and is being ignorant so she does not see what is in front of her.