Soil Testing

What to do, and why you should do it!

What Soiling Testing Does

Soil testing is just that; it tests soil samples from your yard to determine what nutrients it has, and if it has any nutrient deficiencies. It also helps you to find out the drainage capability, contamination or any diseases that the soil may have. This can help you to find out what would grow best in your yard, or what you need to add to the soil to make it better for growing stuff. Everyone should take a soil sample, because in North Carolina, it is free. It can only help you as a homeowner to have a better, and prettier yard.

When to Take a Soil Test

You can take a soil test any time of the year. The test takes a couple of weeks or even longer. You want to have enough time to get back the results, and do anything that you would need to to fix anything before you need to plant flowers in the spring. If you plan on planting anything in the spring you should take a soil test in the fall; if you want to plant something in the fall, then take a sample in the spring.

Steps to Taking a Soil Test

Guaranteed to make your yard better!

Soil testing will only benefit you

You get a free way of telling you what to do to improve your soil. All your neighbors will be jealous of your beautiful flowers growing in the perfect lawn.

Soil Testing is GREAT!

It is free, and helps you to grow pretty flowers. Who doesn't love flowers?