Japanese 1 Week 3

Lesson 2

...✿... ようこそ! ...✿...

This week in Japanese 1 (week 3), we will be starting lesson 2. ^o^ We will also START language coaching sessions WEDNESDAY (Sept 9th)! Please be sure to attend your coaching sessions at your scheduled time, and with your assigned coach. Coaching sessions are 20% of your grade.

This week in lesson 2, we will be learning numbers, basic phrases, culture, as well as the next 10 ひらがな (Hiragana) characters which will consist of "sa, shi, su, se, so, ta, chi, tsu, te, to". There will be assignments that will be due for this lesson. These assignments needs to be submitted by the due date listed on the calendar. ^.^

☆ Assignments for Week 3 -Lesson 2 ☆

  1. Due Tues (Sept 8): L2 Writing Assignment
  2. Due Wed: L2 Cultural Discussion Assignment
  3. Due Thurs: L2 Speaking Assignment
  4. Due Fri: L2 Quiz
  5. Due Fri: Language Coaching Sessions 1 & 2.


Language Coach's Info and URL

You can find the different coach's Blackboard Collaborate URL's as well as phone number with pin to access coaching sessions. Please bookmark this for your reference. You can also use this to do make up sessions, if you need too.

Here are some very important information about language coaching sessions:
  • Language coaching sessions will start Sept 9th (Wednesday)
  • Coaching sessions are twice a week for 45 minutes each.
  • They are Live session on the internet using Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Coaching sessions are 20% of your grade.
  • Requirements for coaching: You need a computer, internet access with FireFox and UPDATED JAVA, headset or mic and speakers built in in order to do your coaching sessions.
    *If you have a smartphone, ipad, or tablet, you can download Blackboard Collaborate app for free. Please take advantage of this.
  • How to do coaching with your computer? Go to "Your Coach" link in the course, then scroll down until you see your coach's classroom link, click on that. Join Room. (You may have to download launcher to go through the wizard to set your computer up.)
  • How to do coaching using your smartphone, ipad, or tablet? You will need the Blackboard Collaborate app downloaded. After you have the app downloaded, click on the app. It will ask you for the coach's URL link. You can find the URL link on the document link provided below. Copy the URL in the box provided, type in your name, to join the session. ^o^

Use these tools to learn this week's ひらがな!

Use this to study your lesson 2 vocabulary:

Japanese 1 Course Calendar

Here is the link to the calendar for the course. Please bookmark this calendar to your computer. It has all the due dates for assignments, quizzes, exams, projects, etc. It also has important links posted at the bottom of the month.

Did you just enroll to Japanese 1?

If you just enrolled recently, please make sure you go through the "Orientation" link in the course, as well as the "Introductory Module" in the course. Here are the assignments that need to be completed for week 1. Please do your best to catch up:

  1. RESPOND to Welcome Email (make sure you respond by opening a new email and reply.)
  2. Student Info Survey-(Found on the Calendar, on the bottom of August)
  3. How do you learn? Assignment (LinguaFolio, Found in the Biography Doc.)
  4. Language Coaching Sign Up- If you have not signed up yet, please EMAIL me for the link to sign up for coaching.
  5. Welcome Call (phone)--Please text me to schedule a welcome call. Needs to be COMPLETED ASAP!)
  6. Download Blackboard IM-Found in the link in the course to the left.
  7. Getting Acquainted - Ask me about this assignment if you have questions. (Hall sensei)
  8. Academic Integrity Quiz - (Found in Blackboard)
  9. Typing Quiz-Found in Introductory module.

After you complete the above assignments, please go to week 2-Lesson 1 assignments:

☆ Assignments for Week 2 -Lesson 1 ☆

Here are the assignments that were due from week 2: (Aug 31-Sept 4)
  1. L1 Writing Assignment
  2. L1 Cultural Discussion Assignment
  3. L1 Speaking Assignment
  4. L1 Quiz
How to Type in Japanese?

Check this out to learn how to install and type in Japanese on your computer! ^o^

Need some help? Check out our Peer Tutoring Center!

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ホールせんせい (Hall sensei)

Nice work on lesson 1! I hope things go well for you this week! If you have any questions please TEXT (during my texting hours) or EMAIL me (anytime).
Have a great week learning lesson 2! ^o^