Figure Of Protestant Reformation

Karen Hernandez

Reasons why church reformation is needed

  • Corruption was widespread among the clergy, especially at the top.
  • The church tortured people suspected of holding non-orthodox beliefs until they confessed or died.
  • The church encouraged believers to pray to Mary and the saints.
  • Salesmen for the church went around selling “indulgences”—letters written by the pope supposedly forgiving people their sins. One of these, Tetzel, was heard to proclaim loudly, “The minute your money drops in the box, the soul of your relative jumps out of purgatory into heaven.”

John Calvin

Reforms/Main Ideas

  • Predestination: God knows who will be saved before they are born
  • People should live simple-life, wear simple-clothing, and no entertainment
  • Theocracy

Public Reactions

  • New branches formed out of his beliefs