Board Meeting Highlights

Jefferson Union High School District, October 19, 2021

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Serramonte del Rey

699 Serramonte Boulevard, Room 223

Daly City, CA 94015

View the JUHSD October 19th board agenda HERE.

JUHSD Board of Trustees

Board Communications

President Rosie Tejada attended this past Monday's Student Advisory Council and thanked the students for sharing their voices in a mature and professional manner. During this past Wednesday's High School Fair, she enjoyed seeing members of the community while making connections with future District families. Though masks were on by all in attendance, she mentioned this event feeling normal and returning back to what it once was, prepandemic. She believes in the District and will continue to support this community.

Vice President Andrew Lie is thrilled to see the Staff Housing Project in its final stages of construction and looks forward to showing it off to the community. He's proud of the District and how much they've accomplished with the project in just six short years. He also attended the Bayshore Block Party this past Saturday and enjoyed meeting future JUHSD students and families.

Clerk Carla Ng-Garrett acknowledged that last week was National Coming Out Day and thanked a District student for sharing a social media post that shared just how powerful this day was to him. She also gave a special shout-out to our site principals, as October is National Principals Month. Great joy is found by Ms. Ng-Garrett as she drives by the Staff Housing Project and witness the project coming to life in real time.

Trustee Nick Occhipinti encouraged everyone to continue working together to speak up in their community and to honor Filipino-American advocate Larry Itliong on October 25th. He's excited to see District staff building capacity within the new Ethnic Studies program. He also shared his concerns about the Serramonte del Rey project proposal and how the current District Office site plans on moving to the former Westmoor Park location, along with looking at other ways to prioritize the District's educational land.

Trustee Kalimah Salahuddin attended the District's October 13th High School Fair and had amazing conversations with incoming families. This past Saturday, she hosted a District table at the Bayshore's Block Party and was excited to receive such positive feedback from the Bayshore school community, especially in regards to the Serramonte del Rey Project. She shared an email she received from an Adult Transition Program parent thanking teachers, and the District, for providing this unique program to our students.

Report from Superintendent Presta

Superintendent Toni Presta attended last Wednesday's High School Fair and was proud to see such a large turnout of future students and families. As a former superintendent of the Brisbane and Bayshore School Districts, it pleased her to interact with past students in attendance and their joining the District in years to come.

As we enter our fall Open House season, she's thrilled to visit our school sites and assist administration teams in welcoming future students. She was pleased to share that tomorrow ushers in the start of DELT (District Equity Leadership Team) training, an Equity Leadership Team committed “to ensure that each child receives what they need to reach their academic and social potential (" Finally, She thanked Graham Cruickshank, Oceana High School art teacher, for displaying current student projects in the board room. See photos of their amazing art below:

Student of the Month, Julie Nash

Congratulations to Julie Nash for being named our District's Student of the Month for October!

Julie is a student in the District’s Adult Transition Program and will graduate this spring. Julie was part of the Oceana High Class of 2019 and her favorite subject in school is art. During her school day with ATP, she loves helping her teacher and other students in the program. Julie’s hobbies include working with clay, painting, and completing jigsaw puzzles. She also enjoys playing cards with her mother, Beverly, and is currently learning to play Canasta.

Julie’s teacher, Mr. Alexandros Drier, had this to say about Julie: “Julie has been one of my outstanding students for the past three years. She is dubbed unofficially as my classroom leader who helps me support other students. She is highly independent where she is now working at two different job sites through the ATP program. In terms of academics, she has always completed her work on time and has performed more work than expected. She has taken several courses at Skyline College for further enrichment purposes and has accomplished numerous IEP related goals throughout her time ATP.”

District Adult Programs Principal Mark Beshirs shared that he met Julie while he was a vice principal at Terra Nova. Upon becoming reacquainted with her at Adult Transition, he was impressed with how much she had grown, thanks to the staff at OHS and ATP, not to mention her own pluck and resilience. He goes on to note that she is well regarded by both her teachers, paraprofessionals, and fellow students.

Julie loves working with children and after graduating from ATP, would like to work at a child day care facility. She loves any job where she can be of service and finds joy in meeting new people. She currently works at Costco and enjoys every minute of it.

Fun fact: Julie is a fan of the TV show “The Walking Dead” and even met Norman Reedus at a “Walker Stalker” conference at San Francisco’s Fort Mason.

We thank Julie for being such a stellar student and important member of our District community. Way to go, Julie!

Westmoor Hires a New VP

Westmoor High School added a new member to their administration team as Anne Carew was appointed Vice Principal to WHS and will oversee the 11th grade class.

Anne is a deeply dedicated, student-centered member of the Jefferson Union High School District Team. She has worked for JUHSD for the past sixteen years. She began her tenure with JUHSD in the role of Career and College Center Advisor at Jefferson High School. For the last ten years, she has worked as an Academic Counselor at Westmoor High School, serving as Department Chair for the last eight years.

Please help us in welcoming Anne to her new role as Vice Principal at Westmoor High School!

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2021-2022 Student Trustees

Throughout the year, our student trustees will attend monthly school board meetings and school-related events, representing their peers and lending the student voice to our school district community. Representing this year's student trustee board are:

  • Charles Green, Jefferson High
  • Sharon Liang, Oceana High
  • Madeleine Hur, Oceana High
  • Katalina Huazano, Terra Nova High
  • Ava Crotti, Terra Nova High
  • Mustafa Abuzahriyeh, Westmoor High
  • Natalie La, Westmoor High

The above students also serve as part of the Student Advisory Council, along with the following members:

  • Sierra Peleriti, Terra Nova High
  • Alana Heusser, Terra Nova High
  • Lauren Ryan, Terra Nova High
  • Waroud Isbeih, Westmoor High
  • Jasmine Ma, Westmoor High
  • Alliyah Encarnacion, Westmoor High
  • Keith Guevarra, Westmoor High
  • Kelly Tran, Westmoor High

Student Trustees Share Out!

Student Trustee Natalie La (WHS) and Sharon Liang (OHS) attended the October 19th board meeting with news to share!

Trustee La shared that Westmoor students are concerned about the longer than average lunch lines and looks forward to visiting with the site's administration team to address this issue.

At Oceana High School, students were given a school lunch survey with them wanting larger portions as a top result, as reported by Student Trustee Liang.

During the start of each board meeting, it's always a treat to hear our Student Trustees eloquently share site updates and concerns with the school Board of Trustees and Executive Cabinet. At the next board meeting, we look forward to hearing our Student Trustees share new campus updates, questions, comments, and concerns related to their JUHSD school sites.

COVID-19 Updates

District Director of COVID Response, Michele Jones, was excited to announce that we're now in our second week of on-site weekly PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing at all of our sites for staff, with student testing coming soon.

She was proud to share the number of positive COVID-19 cases are trending downward for the school year. In September there were reported 16 cases with only 1 case being reported October, thus far; these numbers are reflected on the District Dashboard with adjustments made as needed.

Tracking has started for all staff who are required to test due to either being unvaccinated, having not provided proof of vaccination, or having chosen not to disclose their vaccination status. Mandatory testing for this started on October 15th. Currently, there are 97 staff members in the district who meet this criteria.

Stay up to date with the ways in which JUSHD is staying on top of curtailing the COVID curve by visiting our district's COVID Response page.

Items to Note

*ATF 1481 President Monica Casey encouraged all staff to check their emails (personal and work) on a regulars basis so as to not miss Union updates and notifications. She noted that Union members wear their tee shirts to work on Wednesdays and negations are starting soon!

*Ms. Tina Van Raaphorst, Associate Superintendent of Business Services, presented current District financial standings related to growth and how that corresponds to an upcoming facility study.

*Public Comment: Noralyn Wolf, president of the Jefferson Council PTA, a parent-teacher association representing all schools within the Jefferson Elementary and High School Districts, shared their full support of the Serramonte del Rey Project and how they feel this will greatly benefit the Daly City community.

*Superintendent Presta recommended allowing the District to accept negative COVID-19 tests from outside agencies/kits when students and staff need to provide a result to the District.

*Ben Schaefer, Chair of the District's 7-11 Committee, presented the group's overall findings and recommendations for the Serramonte del Rey project proposal. He shared that public engagement was present throughout the entire meeting process and the committee's conclusion recommended that the Board declare the Serramonte del Rey a viable project and to move forward with the planning process. To view the full presentation, please click HERE.

*The meeting was adjourned in memory of Mr. David Davenport, French teacher at Jefferson High School, who recently passed after a monthlong stay in the hospital.

Additional Information and Upcoming Board Meetings

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will take place Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Public session begins at 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted) on the JUHSD YouTube channel and in person at the District Office.