Sweet Bees Focus!

You Rock!

Make May AH-MAY-ZING!!

Sweet Bees! You are on FIH-AH!! Reach out anytime- I am here to answer your questions and support you! As I mentioned on FaceBook, I might not have all the answers, but we can touch base, brainstorm, and keep each other accountable! I love goal setting and I know it has changed the way I work my business! Let's make sure you hit your goals! One thing to focus on is thinking in terms of 3 months out! If you ask someone to host a pop up and they are a little wishy washy or if they say they are busy, just say that's great I am also booing for the next two months! People are likely to commit if there is more time to plan. Check out the Merch Perch for booking scripts and wording!

xo, Janet

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Make it a great day!

Grab those promo sales! We are still working Mother's Day, so don't give out too many peeks to your network yet about the new collection! I am SUPER excited too, but we have until the 10th for it to be available. So I am getting as many sales as I can until then. When it does come out- we will get LOUD and go BANANAS!!!! Keep up your momentum!!

And FINALLY>> Order your look books!! This new collection is INSANE!!! You will want look books and they will result in sales for you, so make that investment!

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Join our Facebook team page if you have not done so already! I know the last thing anyone wants is a million FB notifications, but that is the best place for me to post info each day, so just set your settings to notify you or not, but make sure to check the page for updates and motivation. That is our place, to celebrate, ask questions, and support one another!