Language Poems

By Keegan Kruse



A falling flower

I saw it drift back to the branch

It was a bird


These be

Two silent things

The falling snow

The hour

Just silent

Blank verse

The quality of mercy is not straind

It droppeth from the heavenly rain

Upon the place beneath it is twice blessed

It blesseth him that gives and him that take


There was an old dog Lee

Who's face filled with glee

Because upon his bowl

It was filled full

I wish

I wish I didn't have to do homework

I wish I had straight A's

I wish I could turn invisible

I wish I had more friends

I wish I could be rich

I used to be, but now

I used to be a cat

But now I'm a doghouse

I used to be dead

But now I'm alive

I used to be a horse

But now I'm hay

I used to be ahead in life

But now I'm behind

I used to be a chicken

But now I'm a tree

Poems that just happen


Be quiet

No talking

Don't run

In the halls

Going to lunch

Don't shout

Be quiet




Are keen-agers

When in the groove

They really move

What the dog says to his owner when he's hungry

" Food PLEASE"

I wonder

I wonder how they make a John Deere tractor

I wonder if it takes a long time

I wonder who makes them

I wonder what they use to make them

I wonder when they will make a new one

I wonder why they don't make them every year

I wonder