My spring break

The great underwater adventure

my underwater break

So for the break my family and i went to sea world. At sea world we saw a dolphin show it was really cool they did some pretty cool tricks. We went to sea world cause we though it would be fun and we were right.

The Alamo's remains

So for the break me and my family went to the Alamo. it took like an hour to get in but it was worth the wait we saw the guns and knives that were found there. The alamo is a place i always wanted to go ever since i learned about it my wish finnaly came true.
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My last day of break

So on the last day of break after the Alamo and sea world me and my friend austin decided to just hang out. it was fun cause i havnt seen him all year. All we really did was play horror games like fnaf 3 and fnaf 2 it was fun then just like that bam school was back.