What Daddy Did

Odalis Vivero

Story Elements

"What Daddy Did" takes place in the 1980's, during the past. Preston, the main character lives a wonderful life. Happy family, happy life. Until something tragic happens to him and his family.The book begins with Preston's family have a little argument in the home. Pick up the book to find out what happens!

Character Analysis

The main character is Preston Scott. Three words to describe the main character are hopeful,forgiving, and caring. The character is the motivated by his late mother and his father who is in prison. I like the main character because he seems to be a good person. The relationship between Preston and his mother is okay because he lost contact with her before she passed away.


The theme in the novel is to forgive and forget. One example that supports the theme is he (Preston) had to forgive his father for murdering his mother. Another example is he forgave his mother for suddenly moving away with telling Preston and his father.

A third example from the book is that he doesn't hold a grug on people. A final example that supports theme is forgot the amount of days his father has been in prison so far, so he can wait till the day comes to reunite again.

Evaluation and Connection

i rate this novel from 1 to 10 an 8. A lot of people can connect with those kinds of situations. Teens can relate to this novel because some people lose a love one to gun violence.