Deforestation Equals Depopulation

By: Jerod Ringwald

Chocolate Addicts killing our Monkeys!

In a recent study recorded in the Washington Post, statistics show that your chocolate problem may be the cause of the endangerment of monkeys. Illegal farms are wiping the population! Reduce your chocolate addiction to save these animals!

Not Just Monkeys! How about the tiger and the Gorilla!

Monkeys And Gorillas

Researchers display these animals animals are heavily exposed when loggers come for the jungles wood. Poachers have a high chance at finding the animals when there are no trees.

Stop the loggers. How about replanting a tree every time you cut down a tree.

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Not just animals, Humans too

Deforestation can affect anywhere. Including countries. Deforestation has caused wars between companies and green organizations. Sometimes death has came from deforestation. Park rangers usually protect the gorilla but when the trees are gone there is no protection from local terrorist groups. Stop the madness! End deforestation to protect innocent peoples lives!


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