By: Camari McCarroll

About StageCoaches

  • Used to transport people as well as goods
  • Carry mail along a regular route between two place
  • First Concord Stagecoach built in 1827 in the US
  • Price $1200 - $1500
  • Weighed over two thousand pounds

Advantages of the StageCoach

  • Had lots of room
  • Boots where luggage could be placed
  • Room on top of the carriage where other items could be stored
  • Single stagecoach held nine passengers
  • Roll down curtains and three sets of seats inside
  • 1st class: $7.00 (rode all the way)
  • Carriage moved an average of 8 mph.
  • Delivered mail and other goods

Disadvantages of the StageCoach

  • Little to protect the passengers from the dirt and grime along the way
  • Hijacked
  • One could be attacked by robbers
  • 2nd class: had to walk at bad places on the road
  • 3rd class: same as 2nd class, but also had to push at the hills
  • Had to follow all rules of the stagecoach
  • If asked to walk in some stages, they had to obey
  • Loose Wheels
  • A faulty break
  • A twisted trace
  • Breakable

Inventors of the StageCoach

  • John Darlwin invented the stagecoach in September 21, 1763.
  • A stagecoach was a wagon like carriage that was pulled by horses or ox.
  • In the early times this was the only way to get anywhere, before railroads came along.

StageCoach impact/importance of North Dakota

  • It transported people to the territories
  • It could go where steamboats could not
  • Carry passengers and baggage to places away from the rivers
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