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Nadine Narolsky: Student of Hudson Valley Community College

In May of 2011, Hudson Valley Community College celebrated the graduation of Nadine Narolsky. For two years, Nadine Narolsky worked long, dedicated hours to complete her two year Associate’s degree in Business Administration. With the degree, Nadine Narolsky will be better prepared for her future in education and the world of business. Before Nadine Narolsky decided on attaining higher learning, she researched the college that she would eventually graduate from.

Nadine Narolsky learned a variety of things about her future alma mater before deciding to attend. Among other things, Nadine Narolsky learned that the school services about 13,500 students every semester. She also learned that the school is one of the largest higher learning institutions in the New York State Capital Region. Nadine Narolsky also learned that the school provides a wealth of educational options. This is something that she considered important, as Nadine Narolsky wanted to ensure that she would have multiple options. Hudson Valley Community College accomplishes this by having four schools. The schools of Business, Engineering and Industrial Technologies, Health Sciences, and Liberal Arts and Sciences provide students with many educational options.

Knowing about the current state of the school, and what it had to offer to students, was important to Nadine Narolsky, but she wanted to more about its history and background as well. She learned that the foundation of the school occurred in 1953. Nadine Narolsky also learned that the college is a part of the State University of New York and that a 10-member board of Trustees governs it. Another thing that concerned Nadine Narolsky was whether the school was accredited. Fortunately, for Nadine Narolsky, she learned that the Commission on Higher Education accredited the school and that the New York State Department of Education approves all of the programs offered by Hudson Valley Community College. With this information, Nadine Narolsky knew she had chosen the perfect college for her.

How Nadine Narolsky Chose to Attend the University at Albany

After graduating from the Hudson Valley Community College with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration, Nadine Narolsky knew that she wanted to continue her education. The only problem was that she did not know where she wanted to go to next. Living in New York State, Nadine Narolsky knew she had to choose from many options. There was also the possibility of moving out of state to attend a four-year university. However, Nadine Narolsky was unsure if that was the right decision, as she knew that there were many benefits to attending an in-state university. Nadine Narolsky did not want to give up the large discounted tuition rates she was eligible to receive. With this in mind, Nadine Narolsky made the decision to focus mainly on in-state colleges, although she did decide to research a few out-of-state institutions.

After researching a few out-of-state universities, Nadine Narolsky decided it would be best to remain in New York. Ultimately, she felt that the lower cost of tuition would be extremely helpful to her. Additionally, Nadine Narolsky also had the safety net of her parents nearby residence. Moreover, as a part-time Cosmetologist, Nadine Narolsky knew that she would be able to support herself comfortably while attending whichever school she decided to attend in New York. With that decision out of the way, Nadine Narolsky began looking at the many schools in the State University of New York system. The first one that stood out to her was the University at Albany. After researching the school, Nadine Narolsky learned many helpful facts. She learned that the school had a student base of over 17,000 each semester. She also learned that the school was recognized globally as a public research institution. Nadine Narolsky also discovered that the school had a consistent rating at the top of many “top school” lists and surveys. Nadine Narolsky knew more than enough, and her decision was made.

Nadine Narolsky Believes in the Importance of Community Service

Nadine Narolsky is a woman of vast interests and hobbies. All of her life, she has made sure to keep herself busy. Nadine Narolsky is an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys soccer and track. She also has a health interest in the world of art, as she loves to paint and even sculpt. Beyond those varied interests, Nadine Narolsky has an appreciation for the inner workings of the economy and the vast world of business. Nadine Narolsky has made sure to nurture all of her interests, but one of them is nearer to her heart than all the rest. Helping others with community service is something that Nadine Narolsky has always made sure to keep in her schedule.

At a young age, Nadine Narolsky started playing sports for her school. Part of being on the team meant that Nadine Narolsky, along with her fellow teammates, would assist with various fund raising activities. The fundraisers were started to help with other team sports that were struggling to maintain funding. Seeing the joy on the faces of her fellow students brought on by the knowledge that they would get to continue to play their favorite sports was enough to give Nadine Narolsky the passion to continue to help her community throughout her entire life.

Her community service efforts began in high school, but continued throughout college. She would work in soup kitchens, food drives, clothing drives, and more. Whenever there was a natural disaster in parts of the country or even the world, Nadine Narolsky would help with efforts to provide the victims relief in any way that she could. While at the Hudson Valley Community College, Nadine Narolsky joined the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. There, she would help lead participation in community service for as many different groups as she could find. Nadine Narolsky continues to seek out community service opportunities to this day.

Nadine Narolsky Enjoys Relaxing at the Beach

As Nadine Narolsky knows all too well, one of the best places to relax is the beach. Nadine Narolsky loves the wind and sand, the sun and surf, and the chance to relax on your own or even with your family. One of the best things about vacationing at the beach, according to Nadine Narolsky, is the variety of options it provides. Nadine Narolsky knows that she wants to go to the beach to get away from the stress of everyday life, but she never quite knows what form her relaxation might take. With that in mind, Nadine Narolsky enjoys knowing that whatever mood she is in, the beach will provide her with many options.

On a typical day, Nadine Narolsky and family will head to the beach with all the equipment needed to relax in style. Nadine Narolsky and family will be stocked with towels and blankets, various umbrellas, battery powered radios, and a cooler or two packed to the brim with cool, refreshing drinks. Nadine Narolsky and family also want to make sure that they never have to be pulled away from their tropical paradise, so they also make sure to bring along plenty of snacks for the time when they need to chow down. Nadine Narolsky is an expert at setting up camp too. First, she lays down the blankets, followed by everyone’s individual towels. Afterward, with the help of her family, Nadine Narolsky sets up the giant beach umbrellas that will help to keep them all shaded by the sun. After turning on some relaxing music, Nadine Narolsky lays back for a bit before venturing out for a fun day of swim and surf.

Sometimes, Nadine Narolsky wants to be more adventurous at the beach. For days like that, Nadine Narolsky seeks out other activities like parasailing and jet skiing. Whatever her mood, Nadine Narolsky knows that the beach will always provide her with what she needs.

Nadine Narolsky Understands the Importance of Extracurricular Activities in College

While in college, something that is almost as important as attending classes and getting good grades is participating in extracurricular activities. This is a fact that is not lost on Nadine Narolsky. From a young age, Nadine Narolsky learned the importance of extracurricular activities outside of class. While in high school, she participated in various sports, which taught Nadine Narolsky how those activities could help in her academic career. She took this knowledge with her to college.

While at Hudson Valley Community College, Nadine Narolsky joined the Investment Club. This club allowed her to apply the knowledge she gained from her courses to the real world. This, in turn, helped her to gain a deeper insight into the courses she was taking. Nadine Narolsky saw the power that her extracurricular activities had in furthering her academic career as it improved her grades dramatically. Another group that Nadine Narolsky decided to join was the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. The reason she felt this was important, was that she knew the honor society would be able to assist her with scholarship needs, college planning, and, most importantly, the opportunity to do community service.

With the resources provided by her extracurricular activities, Nadine Narolsky graduated with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and moved on to attend the University at Albany. The school, impressed by Nadine Narolsky’s grades and extracurricular efforts, gladly accepted her. Once an official student at the University at Albany, Nadine Narolsky knew she could not stop her extracurricular efforts there. She learned of an organization called Albany Business Leaders Emerging, better known as ABLE. Nadine Narolsky knew that this club would allow her to use and expand the knowledge she gained from her courses, much like her previous groups. She also knew that the club would allow her to continue to do community service, something that would not only aid others, but her academic career.

Nadine Narolsky: Life on a Ranch

Nadine Narolsky lives in San Antonio, Texas with her loving husband and three wonderful children. The family lives together on their family-owned ranch where they work almost every day. Nadine Narolsky is used to the lifestyle of living and working on a ranch, as she has been doing it her whole life. She was born and raised in San Antonio, and for as long as she’s lived, she’s been a ranch hand. Her mother and father originally owned the ranch and taught Nadine Narolsky everything there is to know about ranching. Nadine Narolsky has successfully maintained the various areas of a ranch her entire life, and has a few tips she feels will be helpful for anyone currently living on a ranch or are considering the lifestyle.

First of all, there is always a lot of work that needs to be done around a ranch. There are many different components to a ranch and they all need constant maintenance. When Nadine Narolsky wakes up in the morning, she prepares breakfast for her children along with her husband. After the kids are prepared, they head off to school. Nadine Narolsky is then ready to perform her duties while her husband performs his. They share the work equally and usually trade chores from time to time to keep things fresh. Nadine Narolsky has a several gardens at the ranch that she likes to maintain, so she usually tends to that first before it gets too hot. Afterwards she checks on the nearby crops to make sure that they are all growing properly. They don’t have many crops since they are generally used for personal uses, however they do sell a few of their crops for additional income. At this point, if she knows of any fruits or vegetables are ready for picking and packaging, she makes sure to do so.

3 Reasons Why Nadine Narolsky Thinks You Should Travel to Texas

Nadine Narolsky was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She’s spent her entire life in Texas and she wouldn’t have it any other way. While she has visited other parts of the country, and has enjoyed herself quite a lot, her heart will always belong to Texas. She considers herself to be somewhat of an expert of the Lone Star State, and she’d like to share three reasons as to why she thinks you should make a trip out to Texas.

First of all, if you have a big family with a wide variety of interests, Nadine Narolsky knows that Texas will have something for everyone. For the kids, Nadine Narolsky would highly recommend going to Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. This is one of the most beloved theme parks in all of Texas and it’s fun for the whole family! There are plenty of action-packed rides and roller coasters for the adults and older children, but for the younger kids there are plenty of carnival-style rides too. There is plenty of food to eat and fun exhibits to catch as well.

Do you like good food? Of course you do! Nadine Narolsky thinks that Texas has some of the greatest restaurants in all the world. Great steaks is obviously one of the things that Texas is known for, however there are all kinds of unexpected and delicious places that the whole family can enjoy. Or, if you just want to go out with that special someone, then Texas has plenty of romantic eateries to choose from as well. Since Nadine Narolsky is originally from San Antonio, you can bet she’s got a recommendation for her own home town. One of her favorite places to relax is The Riverfront. It’s across from a beautiful river that cuts through San Antonio, you can shop, eat, relax, and even take a boat down the river!

Nadine Narolsky Thinks Sports are Important for Developing Youths

When Nadine Narolsky was a child, she was heavily involved in both soccer and track. Between the 5th and 10th grades, Nadine Narolsky was a part of the Latham Circle Soccer Club. In addition to that, Nadine Narolsky joined the track team where she participated in track meets and other special events. She could never get enough of playing with her teammates, helping them win various games and track meets. Nadine Narolsky has always been athletic, but when she was younger, she never realized how important all of those “games” truly were. She simply thought of them as having fun with her friends, but she did not realize what playing those sports were teaching her all along.

A big part of team sports is learning to follow the authority of your coaches, while working towards a goal that benefits the whole team. Nadine Narolsky was taught at a young age what it means to work with others to accomplish something greater than the individual does. This is something that Nadine Narolsky would apply to every area of her life from her academic career to her professional one. Beyond teamwork skills, Nadine Narolsky picked up a passion for community service. It started when her soccer team decided to throw a fundraiser for the other teams around the school that did not have as much funding. These other sports were in danger of cancelation altogether, but Nadine Narolsky and her team helped to ensure that they would continue.

Looking back, Nadine Narolsky knows that these fundraising activities instilled in her a love of community service that would follow her through high school and eventually into college. Even though Nadine Narolsky had impressive grades, she understood the impact that community service has not only on others, but also on her. This helped Nadine Narolsky achieve even more success while in school, all because of a simple soccer game.

Family is Key for Nadine Narolsky

Nadine Narolsky is an extremely hardworking individual that accomplished a great deal in her young life. Nadine Narolsky is a fully licensed Cosmetologist with an impressive clientele. She uses the income she receives to help her continue her education as she has also attained degrees in both Economics and Business. During her time at school, Nadine Narolsky made sure to give back by performing countless hours of community service for those in need. She also focused on extracurricular activities while in school, something that has helped her achieve even greater scholastic and professional success. Even with all of her hard work though, Nadine Narolsky knows that she would not have been able to achieve as much were it not for the endless support of her family.

Nadine Narolsky understands just how important her family is. She has a loving mother, a caring father, and a supportive little brother. They have been a tight-knit family for as long as she can remember. Nadine Narolsky knows that she would not have had the proper head on her shoulders to accomplish all that she has without her incredible family in her life. Many of Nadine Narolsky’s life lessons were provided on Sunday’s while at church with her family. Each week, Nadine Narolsky attends services at a church in New York. There, Nadine Narolsky and family assist with various community services provided by the church.

Nadine Narolsky has had many successful endeavors throughout her academic and professional life. She is not blind to the fact that her family gave her a loving foundation of support throughout her academic and professional careers. A large part of that success was learning to always work hard and put the best foot forward in any situation. Nadine Narolsky’s family was the best example of exactly that.