Joseph Rogers Primary School

January 20, 2015


I had been thinking about what I wanted to write about this week (I almost feel like the preacher trying to determine my sermon for Sunday) I had two topics and had been wrestling between them. That changed Thursday night when I attended a meeting for the TNPromise scholarship.

Tennessee Promise provides last dollar community or technical college funding - it covers tuition and fees not covered by the Pell Grant, HOPE scholarship or TSAA - to every Tennessee high school student. Ultimately, Tennessee Promise eliminates the tuition and mandatory fee burden associated with post-secondary attainment for students directly following high school graduation. Tennessee Promise is both a scholarship and mentoring program...

I was assigned 3 students that I will be mentoring to make sure they are meeting deadlines for financial aid, college admissions and such things to ensure that they have the opportunity to pursue education after high school.

When I arrived I met two of my girls that I would be mentoring. One had her mom with her and the other had both parents that attended. (It is not a requirement that parents attend, but many students had parents there so they would be aware of the deadlines and the requirements to keep this scholarship.)

My other student came by herself. She was very quiet, but was taking everything in around her. I asked her what her plans were after high school and she said she would really like to be an occupational therapist. We chatted for a few minutes. Once the meeting began the facilitators began to talk about the deadlines to fill out the FAFSA forms (financial aid) . Many students that attended this meeting already had this finished, but this particular student did not.

Not to go into great detail, but I spent a little time after the meeting helping this student figure out where she could go to get help with filling out the FAFSA, looked up the address for the Kingsport Higher Education Center and Northeast State, and just let her know that someone cared and wanted her to succeed. She told me she really wanted to go to school and this might be the only opportunity she has to do this.

We see kids like this everyday at school. Our kids want to be successful, you see how they shine when you praise them. We have no idea what kind of life they lead at home, but when they are with you, you are the one who can make a difference.

I saw firsthand at this meeting that someone has cared enough about this student to encourage her to keep on trying. I have no idea if this was a family member or a teacher. The influence you have on a child is powerful. Never forget that.

Knowledge is power and with power comes responsibility. You have the power to educate students. Do not take this task lightly.

Grateful for opportunities,


Calendar of Events

fun times at JRP

January 19 - NO SCHOOL

January 20 - PTO meeting - 3:00 library (a school messenger call was sent to parents about this meeting)
January 21 - faculty meeting

January 23 - 100th day of school

January 23 - collaboratives - writing with Regina (reschedule from last Friday)

January 30 - snowed in day - literacy activities planned around the book The Snowy Day. - this is a date change from last week's newsletter. All students will have the opportunity to take an AR test on this book as well as reading a few other winter favorites.

February 5 - progress reports go home

February 5 - board meeting 6:00 at Charles A. Fuller Board Room

February 23-27 - Jump Rope for Heart

March 23-31 - Spring Book Fair

March 28 - 3rd Annual Family Fair at SMS. 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


A teacher can give one of the greatest gifts anyone could give another person, he/she can believe in a child.

I know you believe all children are capable of success, otherwise you would not be a teacher. I appreciate your daily dedication to this job and to our students.