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March 10

School-Based PD on March 15

This Wednesday is a school-based PD day from 2-4pm.

Teachers in Grades K-2 will be in the Media Center for a training provided by Apple. This is an introductory PD that will help us learn how to integrate the iPads into our instruction since all K-2 classes will use iPads next year.

Teachers in Grades 3-5 will work with their grade level teams to review LeAnn's PD on formative assessments so they can continue to be incorporated into our units moving forward. Our expectations for this time is that by the end, you will submit to administration the following: lesson plans for the week after spring break on LeAnn’s template, data monitoring forms for the standards/learning targets to be covered, and formative/student assessments for the week after spring break. Ms. Keeley will be supporting the 3rd grade group in Ms. Berwick's room, Ms. Ragley and Ms. McMillan will support 4th grade in Ms. Swink's room, and Ms. Van Brimmer will support the 5th grade group in Ms. Rochon's room. Ms. Wilson will also attend the 5th grade group.

Pre-K teachers will be attending the iStation training through Brooke Flood.

Please share our story as we SLIDE into Innovation at VBE!

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Kagan Check-Up from Ms. Fiori

Happy Friday, Kaganers. I am excited to see how things are going and to help troubleshoot any issues that have arisen. I am available on Monday mornings. Please come in Monday, March 13th or Monday, March 27th, to provide a status update. We will meet at 7:45, and I promise to bring treats! Please shoot me an email to let me know which day works better for you. Happy Cooperative Learning!

Math and Science by Ragley and Keeley

#VBEVIP goes to Ms. Blue! Enjoy that parking spot! Keep making those nominations on Twitter!!

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Down Subs District Wide!!

Please, please, please be extremely mindful about taking off prior to or after long breaks. We are down subs district-wide. The most important thing we can do to keep things calm and stable is be here for our kiddos. Thank you so much for your commitment to our Little Indians.