Happy New Year!

What's New in 2016?

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed their winter break and had fun spending time with family and friends for the holidays! I cannot wait to start this new year and continue to learn and explore new things in class.

We will be finishing our reading unit on folktales this month. The students will get the chance to talk about the lessons they have learned from the folktales we have been reading and may even be able to act out their favorite one! Some of my students have already started talking about making their own folktales on their free time to go along with our Kindness Challenges in class! If you want to know more about our Kindness Challenges, ask your child, OR scroll down to read about them! Our next unit will focus on animals and how they are unique! I know my class will LOVE this unit as much as they love exploring the ZooBooks and non-fiction animal books in our class library.

We just started our fourth unit in math this week! This unit focuses on data analysis, where they will be creating and analyzing surveys, graphs, and other forms of data collection. I have so many great ideas for this unit that involves them creating their own survey questions and collecting data from their classmates. My class has made so much growth in math and I love listening to them work with one another in their math workshop activities. Their math talk and strategies are continuing to amaze me as they develop their conceptual understanding.

Finally, we are finishing up our science unit on magnets and electricity this week and will be moving on to our next social studies unit which focuses back on the community theme but broadens it to focus on our state of Maryland as a whole.

Thank you again for all of your support! You have truly made this an excellent first year of teaching!



Please remember to sign and return their reading calendars each day and to check their Jacksonville folders and homework journals to be sure your child is completing their homework! Red Math folders should come back every Friday so that I may check their calendar and the games they played that week. I am so excited that I was able to give out so many rewards for students meeting their reading goals this month and I know they love to see their progress tracked on our class chart!


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There is a new scholastic catalog coming out for January. If you wish to order, use the link below and make sure you enter in our class code P8KB3. All orders will be submitted by 10:30pm on the last day of each month!


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Each week, we have been working on Kindness Challenges in class. During the first ten minutes of our day, we sit in a circle for morning meeting and take turns going around the circle to say good morning and give the person next to us a compliment or praise. This has made such a huge impact on the environment in our classroom and I have found that so many of the students continue to use kind words and encouragement throughout the day with their classmates and peers. I truly enjoy watching them be kind to one another and promote this behavior in and out of the classroom as they are positive role models to those around them.

Our Kindness Challenges are little activities that they are challenged to complete each week such as telling someone why they are awesome, writing a positive letter to a friend, or even saying one reason they like themselves and how they are unique. My students LOVE completing these activities and look forward to new ones each week. Ask your child what their Kindness Challenge is each week and how they are going to complete it!

Here are a few of the ones we have done so far!


It is starting to get VERY cold outside! Please make sure you are sending your child to school in a warm jackets and other winter outerwear such as a hat, scarf, and gloves to wear outside for recess! I know I am always bundled up when we go outside and I am still shivering!
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