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Sant Antoni de Calonge Villas

Mass tourism in Sant Antoni de Calonge is yet to start and hence it is a great spot for those who wish for relaxing and quiet kind of holiday. Situated along the coast between Playa D’Aro and Plamos City, this is an area that can be a good choice for the holidays. It has a sandy beach complete with a boulevard as well as cozy outdoor restaurants and cafes all of which make any holiday spent here a reward for the holidaymakers. The beach and also the clear sea have been awarded the Blue Flag for the safety created.

The Sant Antoni de Calonger citizens are easy going and very friendly and hence you can be sure that you will have a good time and even find it easy to make friends during your visit in this beautiful area of Spain. Villas for rent are available in Sant Antoni and hence those who are looking for a holiday that is as exclusive and friendly as it ought to be will find an amazing villa for the holidays here.

Even though they are not as many villas in this area, there is still enough to accommodate the numbers of tourists coming here. Coupled by other accommodation facilities which the area also makes available, there is something suitable for every kind of a visitor choosing this as the ideal holiday location. The villas are modest and will definitely provide you with all the privacy and convenience that you could be looking for during the holidays.

With the strategic location of this town, you will find villas with amazing beach views or even sea views which are breathtaking. Some come complete with balconies from where you have the chance to enjoy the striking beauty of this area which is yet to be discovered by mass tourism. You will love the amazing green views that you can also be exposed during the holiday depending on the villa location you have chosen to ensure that the holiday matches with your preferences.

To get the best holiday villa in Sant Antoni de Calonge, you can take advantage of the internet. The fact is that there are many sites which will give you insight on the available holiday villas in this area and since they come with all villa details that you need, you will not find it as hard to make a choice to meet with your holiday expectations.

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