ATV Safety

Emily Morris & Autumn Rettke 8th hour

Reason we did this Topic

We chose the topic of ATV safety because a lot of people in the US have a four wheeler or a ATV. There are many accidents year around that we can prevent with the littlest things that we will mention later in our presentation.


To start off this paragraph always think off safety first. One simple thing is an off road helmet. This will help prevent head trauma if you fall and hit your head. If you also get a helmet you should wear goggles too. This will help prevent sand going in your eyes and you won't have to worry about crashing.

Safety (continued)

Another safety material is a chest guard. If you wear one of these this will help prevent troubles breathing if you get hit in the chest with the handle bars or something. This will protect you chest from injury.

Safety (continued)

One last thing are boots. This will help prevent the heat from the motor burning your legs. This can also help prevent you from twisting your ankle when you step off the vehicle or if you jump.