Singin' in the Rain


Collin Donnell as Don Lockwood


Arrow-Tommy Merlyn

Lady, Be Good

several background roles


He is a youthful broadway actor, who is currently in Luck, be a Lady!, an off Broadway show. He has also been on TV, acting in many different shows. He can act, sing and dance very well.

Triple Threat Score

Dancing- 8

Singing- 7

Acting- 8

Stephanie J. Block performs You're The Top from ANYTHING GOES (CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade 2011)

Neil Patrick Harris as Cosmo Brown


A Million Ways to Die in the West

The Smurfs


How I Met Your Mother


He is experienced actor that can dance and sing well. He fills the part of Cosmo due to his comedic nature and his likeable persona.

Triple Threat Score

Dancing- 7

Singing- 9

Acting- 10

How I Met Your Mother Season 05 Episode 12 Girls Versus Suits Suits Song

Zooey Descheanel as Kathy Seldon



500 Days of Summer

Yes Man

New Girl


She is a singer and actor, who has little formal dance experience but has an enormous amount of talent. Her character is very playful and energetic, but has an attitude, like Kathy Seldon, in Singin' in the Rain.

Triple Threat Score

Dancing- 7

Singing- 10

Acting- 9

She & Him- I Could've Been Your Girl