The Other Jessica Benitez



Jessica was born in Mexico City, Mexico on September 26, 1996. Soon after her father came to the U.S to find work, Jessica and her mother also emigrated to the U.S in 2000. At the age of four years old, Jessica began attending Claremont Elementary School in Claremont, North Carolina.

Adjusting to Life in the U.S

Monday, Aug. 27th 2001 at 9pm

Claremont, NC

Claremont, NC

Jessica feels uncomfortable and socially alienated at a new school where she can't understand anyone. She removes herself others and really struggles with English and making friends.

Middle School Struggles

Monday, Sep. 15th 2008 at 12am

Newton-Conover Middle School, Newton, NC

Newton, NC

Jessica really struggles with self-image issues, and focuses more on building her social life in than studying in middle school. She begins to yield to peer pressure in order make friends, and thus begins to engage in smoking marijuana at the age of 13.

High School Graduation

Friday, June 6th, 9pm

338 West 15th Street

Newton, NC

Jessica manages to receive a partial scholarship to NYU. Graduation night was a night of celebration for Jessica. However, trying to return home that night, Jessica was stopped by a cop and arrested for DUI. Upon hearing this, Guillermo & Alma (parents) kicked Jessica out of their home.

NYU and After

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 9pm

New York, NY

New York, NY

While attending NYU, Jessica rushed for and was accepted into a sorority. Instead of focusing on the charities encouraged by her sorority, Jessica used this connection to party with the brother fraternity frequently. After a large party that ended in a huge fire, with suspicion of arson, NYU removed Jessica's financial aid and promptly expelled her.

With no pay to pay for school, Jessica drops out and searches for any work she can find. She works as a maid in New York City, and the resentment of getting kicked out of school and her bleak future prospects drive Jessica into a deep depression.

To cope, Jessica begins to drink copiously. Alcoholism further reinforced her depression.

At the age of 25, Jessica was living in a small apartment in New York City's lower east side, with 7 cats and growing alcohol problem. This is as far as she would go in life.

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