Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

When we think about giving a gift to someone.

Sites That Offer Gift Vouchers for Driving Lessons

When we think about giving a gift to someone, we often only think of categories such as clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and CDs. The internet is filled with unique ideas for gifts for all relationships and occasions. Some of the very exclusive ones include personalized gifts, movie tickets, photo frames, and collectibles. A very good and a very unique idea for a gift would be giving a gift voucher for something the recipient loves or is interested in learning and/or experiencing. One option is giving a driving lesson gift voucher to someone who is interested in learning driving.

Listed below are some of the places on the internet where you can find good deals for driving gift vouchers.

Red Driving School

Red Driving School is adriving school based in England. This school provides driving lesson giftvouchers for 2, 4, 10, or 20 classes, depending upon your need and budget. They also provide cash vouchers which can either be sent by post to the recipient or sent via an email. These vouchers are valid for 6 months.


This is an EDT driving school that offers driving gift vouchers in multiples of 25 pounds. Additionally, it is currently also offering Christmas packages which are sent by post to the recipient.

AA Motoring Driving School

Another EDT driving school, this school vouchers for driving lessons as well as defensive driving courses. Driving lesson vouchers cost 55-70 USD and defensive driving lesson vouchers cost 199 USD. These vouchers can be given to those who want to learn driving or to someone who wants to simply improve their skills and control in driving. In case of driving lesson vouchers, one voucher provides for one driving lesson. In case of defensive driving lesson vouchers, one voucher covers four theory classes and one practical class of advanced driving.

Acclaim Driving School

This is another place where you can get Christmas gift vouchers for as low as 10 pounds to a complete intensive driving course for 265 pounds. Apart from these vouchers, this school also offers a Theory Test Gift Pack for 17.50 pounds. As this school has 29 years of experience in teaching driving, buying an Acclaim Driving School gift voucher for someone will definitely prove a worthy investment.


This school again offers personalized Christmas and birthday gift vouchers. The cost of the gift vouchers start from 20 pounds and the recipient of the voucher can arrange for the classes as per his/her convenience.

Irish School of Motoring (ISM)

ISM offers the buyer an opportunity to create a personalized gift voucher for the recipient. If you are purchasing a gift voucher from this school, you can decide the amount, the number of classes, and the validity of the gift voucher. Apart from that, you can also select from a range of existing voucher amounts present on this site.

Driving Lesson

This site offers in the form of vouchers, free motorway lessons and lesson packages of varying amounts starting from packages of 1 hour to 30 hours of driving classes.

How to Choose a Good Driving School

One of the most difficult and daunting tasks, and also the most essential in today’s world is learning how to drive. Given the increasing number of accidents and extreme rash driving on the road, it is very important that anybody who wishes to learn driving does so with the best driving instructors in the most reputed driving school in the area. It is very important to learn the right method of driving in order to ensure your own safety and the safety of others on the road, and hence the decision of choosing a driving instructor becomes very important.

Given below are a few tips on how to choose good EDT driving instructors in the United Kingdom:

Check for DSA approval

All EDT driving instructors must be approved by an agency called the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) making them DSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). The sign of having been approved by the DSA is an octagonal green badge displayed on the windscreen of his/her car. Instead of an octagonal green badge, if the person has a triangular pink badge, it indicates that the person is currently undergoing training for driving instruction. During this period, the person is allowed to conduct driving classes. The DSA also checks for the presence of criminal records of the people applying for ADI. DSA also provides grades to the driving instructor based on how efficient they are in their teaching and driving skills, so it would also be worthwhile to find out the grade of your potential driving instructor.

Go on recommendations from family and friends

It is always better to take advice from people who have recently undergone training in an EDT driving school as they can provide the best judgment about the quality of training and the instruction of the driving instructor. Driving schools or driving instructors will try their best to market themselves as the best and most successful in the industry, but it is always better to do research before deciding on one driving school or instructor.

Type of driving instructors

You have the option of choosing the type of driving instructor as desired, which means that you can either learn with a person who offers this service independently, or you can learn with someone who works for an EDT driving school. In any case, it is important that you speak to the driving instructor a couple of times and get comfortable with him/her before beginning your lessons. In order to learn effectively, it is important to develop a good rapport with your instructor.

During this encounter, it is important to try to understand the way in which he/she intends to teach driving. There are examples of people who make trips to their grocery store as part of the driving lesson, or have loud music on while teaching. It is important to make sure that the instructor is not the type of person who will carry out their personal errands or make phone calls during the lesson.